Agronomy Staff

Back: Ryan Umlauft, Drew Mizgalski, Josh Johnson — Front: Christopher Schlagenhaft, Shawn Verhulst

When every bushel counts you need professional advice you can count on. Contact one of our professional agronomist today and they will tailor a crop plan that fits your needs.

Ryan Umlauft
Agronomy Manager

With more than 11 years of vocational agriculture experience, I relish working closely with growers to help maximize profit on every acre. It’s a goal. It’s a challenge. It’s doable. By working with various seed, fertilizer, and crop protection reps, I stay current on the latest product innovations and technologies. My B. S. in Agronomy and Minor in Agriculture Business from UW River Falls established my foundation of knowledge, and I’ve since built onto this with a Certified Crop Adviser certification. Raised on a dairy farm, I became involved with agriculture at a young age and my dream job has become a reality. Away from work, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and two sons. Landscaping and Wisconsin sports energize me when out of the office.

Drew Mizgalski
Precision Agronomy Specialist/Agronomist

One of my key professional passions is to ensure my customers operate as efficiently as possible. This was what drove me to dig deep into precision farming and the technologies and processes that help bring this passion to fruition. Farmers already have slim margins, and my goal is to help them repeatedly optimize their hard work. My B.S. degree in horticulture from UW River Falls laid my vocational foundation for becoming a global product manager at a leading seed breeding company, honing skill sets to manage programs and people. Now, I’ve adapted these skills to Precision Ag, which I’m personally passionate about since it dramatically reduces waste, costs, and improves efficiencies—elevating our local market. When I’m not in the field consulting, I am enjoying my family and staying tuned to the Packers, Brewers and Badgers sports scenes.

Josh Johnson

I help customers with a broad range of planting, fertilizing and spraying decisions. My education (UW River Falls) and experience helps in making solid, sensible recommendations for increasing farmer profitability. Drafting recommendations for seed, fertilizer, chemicals, nutrient management planning and crop scouting for insects, diseases, and yield—all support the recommendations I make. My experience as a conservation planner with the Clark County Land Conservation Department after college adds to my knowledge of county-wide soil types and conditions. I still draw on this experience today, along with my irreplaceable experience of being raised on a dairy farm in Greenwood. Enthusiasm for the outdoors is a family interest that supports hunting, fishing, softball and watching my daughters play hockey.

Shawn Verhulst
Agronomy Sales

I worked on a dairy after high school graduation. From this experience I determined that I did not want to be a full time farmer despite being raised on the family farm. Instead I pursued a short course through the UW that focused on nutrition and agronomy certifications. With Northside I have worked in a number of capacities over the years and have become proficient in grain marketing, grading, feed, fertilizer and now am focused principally on agronomy solutions for customers. In fact, this is my passion—helping growers be successful by scouting fields, specifying seed, fertilizer, and chemicals and making effective recommendations. My love of the outdoors fits my role with Northside like a glove, and sharing outdoor activities like maple syruping with my wife and children makes it all fit together perfectly.

Christopher Schlagenhaft
Agronomy Sales

With more than five years in the business of helping farmers understand their fertilizer and crop management needs, it seems like a lifetime ago that I earned an associates degree in agronomy. That background and the experience I gain on a daily basis continually reinforce and build a base of knowledge that I enjoy sharing with customers. My goal is customer success. Every field is a challenge and every success solidifies my commitment to customers all the more. Scouting fields, making recommendations on seeds, chemical applications, fertilizers, along with weed and crop management are the tools I wield to optimize outcomes. When I’m not in the field consulting, I can be found playing with my family dogs, cultivating feed plots for deer, or just lounging with my family.