You are what you eat. We’ve all heard this statement, but when applied to livestock it takes on an entirely new truth. For family farms to large corporate operations, it means delivering the highest quality feed to optimize production outcomes while mitigating negative consequences.

We offer a large range of products to cover the needs of many types of rations. From basics such as corn, canola, and soybean meal to specialty products such as bypass fats, amino acids, and probiotics how your ration gets formulated depends on your goals and situation. Whether you rely on your independent feed consultant or work with a dedicated Northside consultant, you can be sure that you will receive the highest-quality feed in central Wisconsin from Northside Elevator.

Contact us today to learn more about meeting the needs for your feed and goals for success.

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To text or email an order use this address: feedorders@northsideelevator.com

For text or email orders be sure to include your name, detailed order and desired deliver date(s). We will send an confirmation of receipt as soon as the order is processed. If you don’t receive a confirmation — the order was not received and you will want to follow up.