Calf and Heifer Program and Products

Calf and Heifer Program and Products

Milk Replacer Programs

Traditional program

For producers seeking traditional performance, earlier weaning, and reduced feed costs:

  • 20% all-milk protein and 20% fat
  • Performance similar to feeding a competitive 22% protein formula due to AmNeo
  • Fatty acid balance from NeoTec5g
  • Functional globulin proteins from Complement

Feed 1 to 1.25 pounds per day for 6 weeks, then initiate weaning by halving milk replacer rate and feed for 1 additional week

Advanced program

For producers seeking similar starter intake to traditional programs with greater growth rates:

  • 24% all-milk protein and 17% fat
  • Performance similar to a competitive 26% protein formula due to AmNeo
  • Fatty acid balance from NeoTec5g
  • Functional globulin protein from Complement

Feed 1.5 to 2 pounds per day for 6-7 weeks, then initiate weaning by halving milk replacer rate and feed for 1 additional week.

Milk balancer program

For producers seeking to fortify pasteurized milk with additional milk protein, vitamins, minerals, feed additives, fly control, and nutritional technologies:

Nurture Milk Balancer

  • 24% all-milk protein and 10.5% fat
  • Formulated with AmNeo, NeoTec5g, Complement, Bovatec, Clarifly, and Celmanax

Feed 0.25 pounds per calf mixed directly in 1.5 gallons of pasteurized milk per day.

Northside Calf Feeds

Our premium calf feeds are highly palatable, coarse-textured, and contain NeoTec5g fatty acid technology for improved growth and efficiency.

Calf Crunch Starter

  • 18% protein and highly digestible to maximize growth rates through weaning
  • Feed to appetite starting at 2 days of age up to 4 weeks post-weaning

Calf Grower

  • 16% protein and highly digestible to maximize growth rates from post-weaning to 6 months of age
  • Mix on-farm with 5 to 10% chopped grass hag to make a dry TMR and feed ad libitum or feed up to 8 pounds per day with free-choice grass hay

Boost performance with:


  • Ionophore containing lasalocid fed in milk replacer and dry feed for the effective control of coccidiosis in calves caused by E. bovis and E. zurnii
  • Included in milk replacers and dry feeds


  • Feed-through larvicide for controlling house flies, stable flies, face flies, and horn flies that can develop and emerge from calf manure
  • Included in milk replacers and dry feeds


  • Refined functional carbohydrates from yeast culture that prepare the immune system to respond quickly to challenges, reduce scours, and support rumen fermentation
  • Included in milk replacers

Research and Resources

The Northside Elevator calf program is comprehensive and includes high-quality Nurture® colostrum, milk replacers, textured calf starters and growers, and nutrition and management strategies to help you raise healthy and efficient dairy calves.

Through Nurture®, Northside Elevator has access to research and technology from Provimi’s Nurture Research Center. This world-class research facility is committed to investigating and developing innovative nutrition products and feeding programs to improve health and performance of commercial dairy calves. The following technologies were developed at the Nurture Research Center and are available in Northside Elevator’s line of calf products:

Research-proven amino acid balance

Research proven fatty acid technology that strengthens the immune system and increases growth, plus 3 growth factors that improve digestion, absorption, and metabolism

A proprietary and research proven functional milk protein for use in milk replacers

Calf Solutions

The milking herd is only one part of the equation for success. Heifer calves are the future of your operation. We can consult with you on how to effectively utilize the latest nutrition technologies and management to get the next generation of heifers into production.

At Northside Elevator, our calf program is flexible, convenient, and cost-effective to ensure:

  • Strong, healthy, and growing calves
  • Balanced growth rates through the weaning transition to 4 months of age
  • Optimal profitability

Our commitment to quality

We understand the importance of getting your calves off to a good start. To provide you with high-quality calf feeds, we are constructing an independent calf feed addition at our current facility. Investing in calf-focused upgrades allows us to manufacture superior calf feeds more efficiently, with better quality control and consistent products for you and your calves.

Contact your Northside Elevator Dairy Specialist to develop a custom program for your operation.