Agronomy Staff

When every bushel counts you need professional advice you can count on. Contact one of our professional agronomists today and they will tailor a crop plan that fits your needs.

Ryan Umlauft, Agronomy Purchasing Manager, CCA, Northside Elevator

Ryan Umlauft
Agronomy Purchasing Manager, CCA
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Eric Schneider, Northside Elevator

Eric Schneider
Agronomy Business Development Lead
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Christopher Schlagenhaft
Agronomy Sales, CCA
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Dave Balko, Northside Elevator

David Balko
Agronomy Sales
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Drew Mizgalski, Agronomy Sales Manager, Northside Elevator

Drew Mizgalski
Agronomy Sales Manager, CCA
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Josh Johnson, Agronomy Sales, CCA, Northside Elevator

Josh Johnson
Agronomy Sales, CCA
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Houston Olson
Agronomy Sales, CCA
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