Nutrition/Herd Resources

Calf Management

NS: Cold Weather Calf Management and Feeding Strategies
Dairy Herd Management: Calf Management Tips for Cold Weather
University of Wisconsin Extension: Winter Feeding Calves
Iowa State University Extension: Cold Weather Calf Care
Penn State University Extension: Calf Management Tips For Cold Weather

Herd Management

NS: Winning The Battle Against Heat Stress
University of Missouri Extension: How to Reduce Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle
Dairy Herd Management: Combating Heat Stress in Lactating Dairy Cows
Journal of Dairy Science: Effects of Heat-Stress on Production in Dairy Cattle


University of Wisconsin: Silage inoculants: What the research tells us about when and how to use them
Hay & Forage Grower: The Mystery and Magic of Silage Inoculants
NS: Protect Your Crop & Harvest Investment With Microbial Silage Inoculants