Arcadia, WI Career Opportunities

Listed below are the current openings in Arcadia.

Grain Operator

Job Summary
The Grain Operator will perform a wide range of activities under the direction of the Site Manager to ensure grain operations are running smoothly. This position will be primarily responsible for assisting in loading and unloading grain, as well as site maintenance. The role requires a high degree of flexibility, adaptability, and technical skills especially has it pertains to the seasonal needs of grain handling. A good working relationship with other employees and knowledge of a wide variety of tasks is needed to excel at this position.

Key Responsibilities
• Assist in operational day to day tasks of grain handling
• Load and unload grain
• Grain bin, dryer, and building housekeeping
• Operate scales and grain dryer, sample loads, load/unload trucks, and other grain handling operations
• Operate a forklift and other equipment
• Site and grain equipment maintenance, including cleaning, changing motors, and greasing bearings
• Complete preventative maintenance for equipment on site

Additional Duties
• Weekend work as needed
• Knowledge of computer software
• Perform other duties as assigned

Job Qualifications
• High school degree or equivalent
• Must have and maintain a valid driver’s license and satisfactory driving record
• Ability to lift 60 pounds, climb ladders and operate a pallet jack with 2,000 pounds of material
• Must have knowledge of mechanical systems and tools required for general maintenance
• Strong sense of teamwork and clear communication skills
• Conform to operating rules and safety procedures and maintain a high level of safety awareness in the work environment

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