A hallmark of Northside is our leadership team. This group bears ultimate responsibility for assuring the corporate vision is being met and customer success is priority. Our leaders act as mentors and role models for employees and work to establish an environment where the entire team prospers. From product quality and service to establishment of a culture encouraging autonomous decision making and working with a smile, our leadership team is here to set the standard and serve.

Ted Brussow
Owner (G3), President & CEO
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Jordan Brussow, Owner, CFO, Northside Elevator

Jordan Brussow
Owner (G4), CFO
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Sonia Rarick, Director of Sales and Purchasing, Northside Elevator

Sonia Rarick
Director of Purchasing & Sales
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Cara Prior, Director of Strategy, Northside Elevator

Cara Prior
Director of Strategy
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Matt Kren
Assistant Director
of Operations

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Justin Butcher Northside Elevator, Logistics Manager

Justin Butcher
Manager, Logistics
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Rachel Malm, Human Resource Manager, Northside Elevator

Rachel Malm
Human Resources

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Scott Radue, Fleet Manager, Northside Elevator

Scott Radue
Manager, Fleet
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Taylre Serocki, Business Administration Manager, Northside Elevator

Taylre Serocki
Manager, Business Administration
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Mark Johnson, Northside Elevator

Mark Johnson
Manager, Safety Compliance and Facilities
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Tim Brussow
Owner (G3),
Vice-President & Dairy Specialist
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Dean Schiller, Director of Operations, Northside Elevator

Dean Schiller
Director of Operations
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Pat Durch
Financial Controller
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Jason Hanson, Assistant Director of Operations, Northside Elevator

Jason Hanson
Assistant Director
of Operations

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Tim Davis, Inventory Controller, Northside Elevator

Tim Davis
Inventory Controller
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Drew Mizgalski, Agronomy Sales Manager, Northside Elevator

Drew Mizgalski
Agronomy Sales

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Bucky Rueth, Agronomy & Grain Operations Manger, Northside Elevator

Bucky Rueth
Manager, Agronomy & Grain Operations
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Ryan Umlauft
Manager, Agronomy Purchasing
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Zak Rau, Northside Elevator

Zak Rau
Grain Merchandiser
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