Grain Bids Changes/Passwords

For everyone looking to get to our traditional “Grain Bids” things have changed a bit with our new site. To get to the old grain bids go to the top banner of our new site and hover over “Grain” and select “Cash Bids” from the drop down box. This will take you to our traditional  website slightly modified from before, you can then click “Cash Bids” on the left side menu as you always used to. As of right now, 9:30 am 3/15/17, things on the old site are a bit garbled but it still works. We are aware of the problem and hope to have it cleaned up soon.

A note about user names and passwords. Without getting too technical, because of the way the internet routs itself and browsers identify websites, chances are your browser will not recognize our grain bid login page and not auto fill your information in. If you know your username you are good to go, you can then enter your password if you know it or click on the forgot your password link to create a new password. If you don’t know your username you will have to call Northside Elevator and ask for Chad to help you reset your password. Sorry for the inconvenience, this should be a one time fix and everything should then work as before.

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