June 2018 News Roundup

Farm Technology Days, July 10-12

This year’s event will be held right in our own Marshfield neighborhood at D&B Sternweis Farm and Weber’s Farm Store – Heiman Holsteins. Nearly 40,000 visitors are expected to attend the three day event to learn about new technologies and practices, visit with suppliers, and other producers and growers. The event will feature a robust schedule of events and learning opportunities and, of course, Northside Elevator will be there. Be sure to stop by our tent to learn more about our Nutrition, Agronomy, Grain and Mill offerings and have some refreshments. We will be located in tent #345 and have caps, backpacks, can koozies and more to keep your farm team well-stocked. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Rumen-Protected Choline

During the transition period, cows can experience a negative energy balance that can increase the chance for health challenges due to nutrient imbalance and shifts in metabolism. Research has proven that supplementing choline in transition cow diets supports liver health and overall cow health. However, choline must be rumen-protected as rumen microbes would digest nearly 100% of the dietary choline chloride. Valido™ Choline is micro-encapsulated in a fat matrix for rumen protection to deliver maximum vailability of absorbable choline chloride to the small intestine. Ask a dairy specialist about rumen protected choline in transition diets.

Management For Heat Stress

Cow drinking from stream.
Photo credit. Flikr: John K Thorn Photography

Ongoing research is revealing that heat stress events can have a cumulative effect on cow health and performance, including reduced milk production and reproductive performance. Even with the Temperature Humidity Index (THI) at 70ºF dairy cattle can begin experiencing levels of heat stress. As much as possible, have the following abatement tools or practices at hand:

  • Shade
  • Fresh, clean water
  • Fans
  • Misters
  • Cooling ponds
  • Space to spread out

Consult with a Northside Dairy Specialist for helpful nutrition ideas.

Activists Warning

The FARM Animal Care Program has recently issued a warning to alert dairy operations that activist organizations are using drones to capture footage of farms in California. This time of year they are looking for any heat stressed animals or related welfare short comings for use in future propaganda. This could include the lack of adequate shade, dead animals, lack of clean, available water sources and more.

Protect your farm, reputation, and your cows by practicing adequate heat abatement protocols (see article above). Also note that you have privacy rights. For tips on dealing with drones or suspicious activity click here: www.NorthsideElevator.com/Tips-for-Trespassers.pdf