June Is National Dairy Month

A Celebration Of Farmers Like You!

Ever wonder about the level of impact your work on the farm has on the world off the farm? Sometimes these things are difficult to step back and consider, especially when daily challenges of pulling calves, broken equipment and inclement weather are top of mind. But good news is just ahead. Every June, across the nation our country recognizes Dairy Month–and has done so since 1939. June is a month of focus on the deliciousness and health benefits of dairy products and appreciation for dairy farmers like you.

National Dairy Month puts the focus squarely on Wisconsin dairy farmers. The products America’s Dairyland produces are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients with many documented and potential health benefits such as:

  • Promotion of good gut health and micorflora
  • Support for better body weight management
  • Reduction of risk for high blood pressure, osteoporosis and certain cancers
  • Build and repair of muscle tissues
  • Maintenance of healthy skin

Economic Impact

Health benefits are only a part of the dairy celebration this June. So while you’re licking your chops – and ice cream cones – over all the health benefits of dairy products, there is a robust economic story as well. Here are a few of the economic highlights:

  • The dairy industry contributes $43.4 billion to Wisconsin’s economy each year
  • The dairy industry fuels the state’s economy at more than $82,500 per minute
  • Our state’s nearly 1,200 licensed cheesemakers produce over 600 types, styles and varieties of cheese — nearly double the number of any other state
  • Wisconsin cheesemakers make 26% of the nation’s cheese, producing 3.42 billion pounds in 2018
  • Wisconsin leads the nation in the production of 803 million pounds of specialty cheeses, including but not limited to asiago, gorgonzola, gruyere, aged cheddar, gouda, and limburger

The impact of our state’s dairy industry stretches far and wide when you consider dairy equipment manufacturers and technicians, veterinarians, construction companies, genetics companies, milk haulers, dairy processors, software companies and, of course, your partner in the dairy industry, Northside Elevator. This impact is something that we can all take pride in.

How Can You Celebrate?

  • Tune in to the official June Dairy Month Spotify playlist
  • Donate at GiveAGallon.com for the Great American Milk Drive

Fun Facts

  • It takes about 50 licks to finish a single ice cream scoop.
  • Vanilla is America’s favorite ice cream flavor
  • It takes 12 pounds of whole milk to make one gallon of ice cream.
  • Americans eat more than 300,000 tones of yogurt per year.
  • The most popular cheese in America is Cheddar.
  • It takes 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese.
  • If Wisconsin were a country, it would rank fourth in the world in terms of total cheese production, behind the U.S., Germany and France, and just ahead of Italy.

Summertime. Kids. Farms. Caution.

Farms are wonderful places for children and youth to live, work, and play. However, it is known that agriculture is one of the most dangerous occupations in our nation, and the only worksite in the U.S. where children of any age can be present. As the school year ends and the summer season approaches a few child & youth safety strategies to keep in mind:

  • Keep Kids Away From Tractors — Tractors cause over 40% of accidental farm deaths of children under 15.
  • Keep Young Children Out Of The Worksite — Equipment (skid steers, PTOs) and environmental hazards (grain, animals) are prevalent in the farm worksite.
  • Ensure Age Appropriate Work — Follow ag youth work guidelines.
  • Ensure Environment Is As Safe as Possible — Reduce hazards and provide personal protective equipment.
  • Provide Training for Work/Tasks & Confirm Proficiency — Model safe behaviors and supervise.
  • For more tips and detail please visit www.cultivatesafety.org
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